Venison Sausage 2 Ways

Preparation Time:

10 mins

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I was given 1kg of venison sausages by a grateful stalker we helped bag his first deer recently. Having just moved into a small rental property with a very small fridge i had to use or lose them in a week. Easy! What better way to cheer up a cold, locked-down January day than a Sausage, Carrot, Cumin & Potato Hash on a Monday, with Bangers & Mash on a Friday. Mid week lunch? Venision, home made bread and chutney with left over cheese. Thanks Josh!


Bangers & Mash

8 Thick Quality Sausages

4 Large potatoes

50g of butter some for frying the onion the rest for the mash (or cream if you have it)

1 large Red Onion

1tsp mustard

1 stock cube (you can cheat and use gravy granules, after a long day....)

Salt and Pepper

Sausage Sandwich

1 cooked sausage

2 slices of homemade or quality bread

1 tbsp of good chutney

3-4 good slices of cheddar

Some crispy onions (pre bought)


Bangers & Mash

1. Does not get easier than this, peel the onion and slice into small pieces then fry on a medium heat to soften in a little butter.

2. Peel the spuds, cut into quarters and boil until soft. Drain and allow to steam for a few minutes. While the spuds are boiling grill the sausages turning regularly.

3. Back to the onion, once soft add 250ml of stock or (real world) 250ml of water and add gravy granules, salt and pepper and a tsp of English mustard. I sometimes add a good splash of red wine or port if i am cooking on my own!

4. Serve the mash, sausages (2 per person) and pour the gravy over the top.


1. I had a sausage left over as they were big and simply made a lovely sandwich with it using bread I had just baked with this years chutney and some strong cheddar.