Venison Kibbeh and Homemade Humus

Preparation Time:

40 mins

Cooking Time:

20 mins



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A famous arabic dish with a twist of game as we are using venison!


For the Shells

250g Bulgur Wheat

1 Onion chopped coarsely

2 Cloves garlic

1lb Minced venison (I prefer to mince from choice cuts)

Salt & Pepper

For the Filling

1 Onion chopped finely

2tbsp Pine nuts

2tbsp Cooking oil

2 Cloves of garlic chopped finely

1tbsp Tomato puree

Salt & Pepper

1tsp Chilli flakes

1/4lb Minced venison (I prefer to mince from choice cuts)

For the Humus

1tbsp Tahini

30ml Extra virgin olive oil

1 Cloves garlic roughly chopped

1 400g Can of chickpeas (drained)

30ml Freshly squeezed lemon juice

30ml Water


Garnish - Sprinkling of paprika and chopped coriander


For the Shells

1. Soak the Bulgur wheat in cold water for 20 minutes, then rinse and drain.

2. Blend the meat, onion, chilli flakes, salt & pepper in a food processor.

3. Blend again in smaller batches with the bulgur wheat. Continue until the mixture is soft enough to work like dough.

For the Filling

1. Flash fry the pine nuts until brown and then remove.

2. Fry the onion and garlic until soft.

3. Add the meat, pine nuts, tomato puree, salt & pepper. Cook for about 10 minutes.

Making the Kibbeh

1. Wet your hands and take an egg sized portion of the shell mixture. Roll into a ball.

2. Use your forefinger to create a hollow in the ball. (Try and keep the walls fairly thin).

3. Fill the hollow with the filling using a tea spoon. Pinch the top of the shell to seal the mixture inside. In the Middle East the balls are pointed at each end.

4. Repeat until all the mixture and filler has been turned into egg shaped Kibbeh. There will be between 14-18.

(You can freeze the Kibbeh at this stage if required and cook at a later date)

5. Deep fry the Kibbeh in hot frying oil for about 10 minutes until golden brown.

6. Remove from the oil and place in a bowl lined with kitchen towel to dry off any remaining oil.

7. You can eat these hot or cold.

Making the Humus

1. Drain the water from the chickpeas and put in a blender.

2. Add the Tahini, garlic, olive oil, salt and lemon to the blender.

3. Blend until a soft paste. Add the water to create the desired consistency.

4. Place in a serving bowl. Sprinkle with paprika and coriander. (You can add a little extra virgin olive oil if required)


Dip the kibbeh into the humus and enjoy!