Trout with langoustines

Preparation Time:

10 mins

Cooking Time:

25 mins



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Pan fried brown trout fillets served on champ accompanied with langoustines


2 Brown trout - filleted

1kg fresh langoustines

1lb Potatoes

1 cup Flour

2 tbsp Cajun spice

1 tbsp Garlic salt

4 Spring onions

2 tbsp frying oil

2 Bottles of white wine


1. Catch some lovely brown trout and 'acquire' some fresh langoustines!

2. Mix the flour, cajun spice and garlic salt, and then cover all trout fillets (I put it in a tub and add each fillet separately giving it a get shake to cover equally)

3. Peel the potatoes and boil. Just before they are ready pan fry some sliced spring onions and then mash into the potatoes.

4. 10 minutes before the potatoes are boiled, fry the trout (skin side down) in a hot pan using the oil. Turn about 1 minute before the end.

5. 5 minutes before the trout is ready add the langoustines into a pan of boiling white wine and cook for up to four and a half minutes (if large)

6. Plate by placing the fillets halved) onto the champ and one langoustine to the side. You should have a good few langoustines left to eat at will!