Rendang Rabbit

Preparation Time:

30 mins

Cooking Time:




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This is a twist on an Indonesian Curry, you can make the paste or simply cheat and buy a ready made sauce from an Asian supermarket.


2 cup of basmati rice

100gr butter

1kg cubed rabbit

3tbsp vegetable oil

2 stalks of lemongrass

600ml coconut milk

2 kaffir leaves

2tbsp tamarind paste

1 tsp caster sugar

salt to taste

For the paste;

10 dry chillies

6 shallots

thumb sized piece of ginger

3 lemongrass stalks

Fresh chilies, a sprig of coriander and a lime


For the paste, soak the dry chillies for 10mins in boiling water, remove any seeds and add to a blender with all the other paste ingredients and whizz until smooth.

Heat the oil in a pan and add the paste, add the rabbit and lemongrass and mix. Once the rabbit is browned add the coconut milk and 200ml of water. Bring to the boil and then lower the heat to simmer, leave uncovered. Give it an occasional stir. After 2 hours add the kaffir leaves, tamarind paste sugar and salt. Simmer for another 30mins.

While the rabbit simmers cook the rice by heating a heavy pan, add the butter until it melts (not burns) add the rice and mix through. After 3-4 mins add water until it covers the rice by a thumb joint. Place back on a gentle heat until all the water is absorbed. Remove from the heat and cover the pot with clingfilm and leave for 20mins. When ready to serve remove the clingfilm and gently stir the rice and allow to steam for a couple of minutes. Serve in a bowl, place rabbit and sauce on top which should be tender. Add a few thin slices of fresh chillies and some chopped coriander.