Partridge Kebabs with Spicy Sauce

Preparation Time:

40 mins

Cooking Time:




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This is easy to do and makes an excellent starter or party food. A brace of birds makes enough for a starter for 4 people. If serving at a party 1 bird will make approx 4 small skewers.


4 Partridge Breasts (brace of birds)

50g peanut butter

10g chopped chillies

10g chopped or grated ginger

10g chopped garlic

10ml soy sauce

10ml sesame oil

10g chopped coriander


Make the sauce by simply mixing all the ingredients less the partridge in a small bowl, I added a little extra chilli and oil to loosen slightly and set aside.

Carefully cut the partridge into equal 'cubes' as you can, this helps them cook evenly. However you want to use all the meat, (I had several smaller pieces left over) which I threaded on the end of the skewers. I soaked my small wooden skewers in water before threading the meat on them as I planned to cook them on the BBQ. The weather turned so I did them in a hot pan on the hob!

Once the skewers are done brush with a little olive oil and some shopped coriander. Just before cooking season with some salt.

Heat a small pan until hot and simply lay the skewers in the pan for a couple of minutes each side until coloured and rest for a minute. Serve hot with the sauce.

This is a delicious, easy recipe that never fails. Love it.