Mackerel (The Easy Way)

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2 people

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This could not be simpler, as long as you have a BBQ! Mackerel HAS to be eaten fresh, it is wonderful and so good for you! Delicious!


2 Fresh Mackerel

2tsp Olive Oli

Salt + Pepper

2-3 Spring Onions

1 red chillie

1 pack of microwave rice (and flavour you fancy)


The key to getting this right is the BBQ, I prefer to use wood as apposed to charcoal as I think it enhances the flavour. You need to get the logs to a stage where the flames have gone and you only a good bed of grey and red embers. While the logs are getting to this stage slice the spring onions into small rounds and de-seed the chille and again cut into small rounds.

The fish need to be cleaned, they can be cooked whole or take the heads and tails off.

I used a 2min pack of microwave rice which will have chef's everywhere weeping, well dry your eyes. It was raining, i was just in from work and these mackerel took us ages, to catch! I used a simple basmati rice which I jazzed up with chillie and spring onion, sometimes keeping it simple works.

When the BBQ is ready brush the fish on both sides with the olive oil to stop them from sticking and season with the salt and pepper. Place on the griddle and leave them for at least 5 mins, then gently (use a fish slice) turn them and leave for a further 5 mins. Then lift off and place on some tin foil to keep warm.

'Ding' the rice as instructed on the packet and serve on a plate, place a fish on top of the rice and add the spring onions and chilles. Do not be afraid to add more salt as i always think sea fish actually benefit from being well seasoned.

An easy 'cheat' meal that still uses fantastic local produce even when you are really pushed for time.