Fancy Pheasant Burgers

Preparation Time:

5 mins

Cooking Time:

15 mins


As many as you want, this recipe is for 4

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This pheasant burger packs a lot of flavour


4 - Portavo Pheasant Burgers

4 Quality Bread Rolls\Baps (Barra Bakehouse Comber)

400g of good quality cheese (Indie Fudge Deli ) Comber

1 medium red onion cut into fine rings.

Chutney or Pickle (Deli Muru - Belfast)

Hand full of Rocket Salad leaves


This is simplicity itself, season all the burgers with pepper and salt before putting them under a hot grill for 4-5mins. While they cook, slice the cheese, cut and butter the rolls, wash and dry the leaves. Once browned turn them over for 2-3mins. Then back out and put the sliced cheese on top, back in the grill for a further 2-3mins until the cheese starts to run over the edge of the burgers.

Put a small handful of leaves in the bottom of the buns and place the burgers on top. Place a few rings of red onion on top along with a good teaspoonful of either chutney or relish (the pepper and chill relish is fab) on top of the burger and place the top of the bun on top of the relish. Now dig in! Delicious