BBQ Chinese Smoked Roast Pigeon

Preparation Time:

1 day

Cooking Time:

30 mins



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Lets go oriental for roast pigeon - adds a little spice!


4 Fresh wood pigeons

The Rub

1 tsp Salt

1 tsp Chinese five spice powder.

The Glaze

3 tbsp Soy sauce

1/2 cup Chinese cooking wine

1/3 cup Rice vinegar

1 tsp Red yeast powder / rice

2 tbsp Honey

1 tsp Garlic powder

1 Star anise, crushed

1/2 cup water


Prepare the Glaze

In a heavy bottomed pan, on a high heat, add all of the glaze ingredients and bring to the boil. Reduce to a simmer and thicken to about half of the original volume.

Cook the Pigeon

1. Rub the salt into the skin of the pigeon (all over).

2. Rub the Chinese five spice into the cavity of the pigeon.

3. Now add the glaze by basting the pigeon all over. Do this a few times until all the glaze is used. Place the pigeons in a fridge overnight to allow the skin to dry.

4. Set up the BBQ with some smoked wood chippings and the rotisserie attachment. Bring to 190C.

5. Skewer the pigeons onto the rotisserie and close the lid. Cook for 20 mins (medium) - 30 mins (well) - Add more glaze during the cooking time if required.

6. Remove from the rotisserie and serve immediately.