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User Icon     Posted 24 days ago     by Jim Hook     

Time for a review

With a couple of years under our belt, over 115 videos made, nearly 100 new recipes published, dozens of articles posted and 60 podcasts conducted it's time to take a review of where Fayre Game Pursuits is in its evolution. For the company to survive we need to make content that our community enjoys and finds useful. We think we are doing that but, being old gits, we struggle with how to leverage social media to get our name and 'product' out there to a wider audience. As with all campaigns there comes a time where you have to re-assess how to successfully achieve your objective and this is no different.

It's been an amazing journey to date and we sincerely hope it will continue but for that to happen we need to reach more people and gain a larger following to make the community stronger. At the end of the day, in this business, it's all about numbers and ours aren't currently strong enough. That said, in other aspects, quality is more important than quantity and we are privileged to have some very loyal supporters within our current group of followers.

So, please bear with us and be patient as we work on how to improve our reach to more people with even better content. We sincerely hope to be back soon.

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