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Modern Tech for Good Management - HAMS

One thing I particularly like about heading out on a shooting, fishing or hunting trip is the fact that there is a good chance there won't be any phone coverage where I'm going! I love getting 'off-grid', at least for a while, so I can 'give my head some peace' as they say in Ireland! It's a bit odd therefore, that I find myself volunteering to write a short article on a piece of modern technology that needs a mobile phone to operate, and to promote it as a pretty useful addition to our normal outdoor kit list.

When I consider my interest however, there is a sensible correlation. Modern technology has wound itself into pretty much every fabric of modern living. If I were to select one creation of the vast array of technological advances that keep making appearances I would have to say it's the 'app'. Yep, I put the 'app' over autonomous vehicles, enhanced sensors, better optics and even 5G. My reasoning is that it's the app that allows us to exploit all of the other technical advances at a time and place of our choosing. The 'app' is the gateway to the enhanced technical capacities in the sensing world. It's one thing to have a camera that can see clearer, such as 4K resolution, but unless there is an app that can utilise that video and provide more than just a viewing experience to the customer then its pretty limited. Apps provide the ability to analyse, process, and communicate to name just a few.

I've been using the Zeiss Hunting App for some time now. My initial needs were simply for the ballistics calculator but its functionality has significantly increased since then. The syndicate I am a member of use it to identify shooting areas, record stalks, plot high seats and share images of successful hunts. It's a very capable app and allows users to access it from either a smartphone or a web browser. That said, it's evident that the expanded functionality has been developed 'after the fact' if you were. What I mean by this, is that software architecture must be clear right from the start, in order for it to 'seamlessly' provide the user experience matched perfectly for the intended function. The Zeiss Hunting app is good but not perfect.

IMG 6804

Early last year, I came across a new hunting app called HAMS - Hunting Area Management System. I was particularly taken by the concept of wildlife monitoring using artificial intelligence to identify and then plot types, and populations, of different species across any geographical area. I must admit though, I wasn't sure where the app was going with regard target audience as, whilst wildlife monitoring is a worthy cause, its wildlife management for a specific purpose that has a more defined application. I'm pleased to see that this is exactly where HAMS has gone.

HAMS utilises all of the best concepts of an app. It is intuitive and easy to use. It accesses sensors on the smartphone to both automate and enhance the capability and user experience. It doesn't limit itself by species, geography, or communication. It analyses data to provide planning, management and performance tools for all operations - large or small. It has been designed from the ground up to cater for individual hunters or large commercial operations as a full capability management system. It's the management element of the design architecture that separates it from something like the Zeiss Hunting App and really amplifies the power of the app.

To find out more about HAMS and how it can help you, visit their website and watch the overview videos - - you may find a very useful and powerful tool to help you manage an estate, a syndicate, or just your own countryside pursuit activities. The 8 minute summary video may save you days of management administration in the future, whilst making your operation more efficient and tuned to the idiosyncracies of your specific environment.

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