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User Icon     Posted on Dec 31, 2019     by Nick Solomon     

If Carlsberg did service stations.....

M5 Services

We have all experienced the motorway misery of traffic jams caused by endless roadworks, breakdowns and accidents. We then look for a rest and sit in a motorway service station drinking horrible tea or coffee eating equally horrible fast food.

Well I am over the moon to report things have changed, I stopped at Gloucester Service station ( on the M5 last week for a quick comfort break and stayed for over an hour. Why? Well everything on sale is locally sourced, (see above) no fast food outlets and the staff were helpful and professional. While drinking a nice cup of tea and eating a delicious slice of freshly baked carrot cake I looked around. I am conscious that many of you may have visited this oasis but this was my first visit, I will be going back.

After walking around the main shop I came to the butcher’s shop, it actually sold meat marbled with fat, pork chops WITH fat on and most importantly; offered game. The problem is they cannot keep up with demand. It comes in one day a week and is normally sold in that day. I did not have time to find out more but I will do when I next visit.

An example of how good this place is, Jim who was with me wanted to buy 2 lovely looking T-Bone steaks on offer but was concerned if they would be ok as we would not get home for at least 12 hours after leaving the services. The butcher simply smiled and pointed to a ‘cold bag’ which she assured him would keep the meat fine. It did, Jim reports the steaks were delicious.

So the next time you are passing Gloucester Services, please drop in, it is worth a visit.

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