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User Icon     Posted 6 months ago     by Jim Hook     

Gone fishing!

Why are the fishing seasons different between England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland? I'm sure, rather I hope, there is a sound and objective reason for the differences. Its such a cluttered mess of dates depending on where you are that it doesn't seem to allow a big bang and equally loud finale to mark the season. No matter, winter is over and spring has arrived so its time to dust off the fly rods and get out fishing. Yeah, I know, I could have gone to any number of put and take fisheries, god knows we've got lots listed on our Providers map page- , but I'm a river fisherman so for me its just not the same. No offence!

I'm not really one for resolutions, but this year I would really like to achieve two things - catch a grayling from a chalk stream (anyone wanting to offer me a free day on the River Test just shout) and I'd also like to catch a sea bass on the fly. I think it's important to set oneself new challenges occasionally as variety is the spice of life they say. The electric bolt that travels through your body once a fish connects to your tackle is such an addictive sensation but having that generated by a new species will surely add to the enjoyment.

Fishing tackle seems to get better and better, and in some cases cheaper and cheaper. A friend of mine, who is a much better fisherman than me if I'm being honest, sent me a link to line that he is raving about at the moment that costs only £10!! Its called Voodoo and is available on eBay ( I'll buy one or two to try them out and hopefully film or write a review on them later in the season.

For now its just a sense of optimism and excitement thinking about my first time back on the water's edge casting a line, most likely to a small brown trout, which to me is the most beautiful fish in our rivers. I can already feel a sense of calm coming over me as I picture myself taking in the wonderful sights around me and hoping I'm going to get that electric bolt to trigger my adrenaline for the first time this year.

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