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Game Cookery Book Smörgåsbord!

Hunter Gather Cook by Nick Weston


Not for the faint hearted, this book does require you to be adventurous. However, if you 'dare' then you will be heartily rewarded. I made the burnt ash salsa to go with the venison huevos rancheros. It took a lot longer than buying in some salsa but it was so much tastier. Not only does the book help you create some culinary masterpieces but it also has a wealth of advice on cooking outdoors, foraging, plant identification and managing game meats. It also includes a section on how to make your own cocktails and sides such as pickles.

It is available from Amazon for £17.49 - Hunter Gather Cook (affiliate link)

Game & Fish and Cookbook by the GWCT


A lovely book with good structure. It starts with 'starters', heads into wing game followed with mammals and then fish. The later section then covers pies, sausages, accompaniments before finishing with advice on shooting and where to buy game if you aren't sourcing it yourself. The recipes aren't 'fast food' but not difficult to make as they are easy to follow. I particularly like it as it covers fish as well as game meats.

Its available from Amazon for the giveaway price of £3.38! - Game and Fish Cookbook (affiliate link)

Feathers by The Game Larder


Focussed solely on wing game, this book is a sheer delight to open and just peruse the pages. It provides really useful information on how to prepare a bird once shot and before starting out on a recipe. The meals you will make from this book would be fit for any country estate dining table so be prepared to concentrate - that said its all doable! The recipes come from a number of obviously awesome chefs so the rewards will not only be in making the dishes but getting to eat them as well!

Its available from Amazon for £18.19 - Feather: The Game Larder (affiliate link)

Venison by The Game Larder


Supporting Feathers, the Game Larder also produced Venison. The cookbook provides a wealth of information regarding the 6 UK deer species - Red, Fallow, Sika, Roe, Muntjac and CWD. As with Feathers the book is beautifully presented and takes the would be chef from butchery to cooking but also includes some nice information regarding deer management and harvesting the quarry. All in all a lovely book.

Its available from Amazon for £18.19 - Venison: The Game Larder (affiliate link)

Britain's Best Dish by the ITV


OK, not an obvious game cookery book but what I love about this little gem is that its been comprised by celebrities whom one might think would rather hide away from he thorny issue of game! It's not all about game cooking and the recipes that are will be found scattered through the book. The recipes themselves are simple but delicious and I've made many of them because of that. It might not be too easy to find however!

Its still available from Amazon for £3.18 but maybe not for too much longer - Britain's Best Dish (affiliate link)

Coq, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels by Scott Rea

Scott Rea Coq

If you haven't seen the Scott Rea Project YouTube channel then go and do it now. This cookbook covers wing game from the feather to the table. The meals are simple to make but look amazing. The book is more of a guide than a cookbook. I'm not sure if his plan was to make the book look more like a bible but thats what it becomes once you get into cooking game! Its not cheap but worth every penny.

Fortunately its available on Amazon at £30 - Coq, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (affiliate link)

The Merchant of Venison by Scott Rea

Scott Rea Venison

Another bible book from Scott Rea but this time its for venison. Over half of the book deals with butchery after a short section on what Scott calls 'The Basics'. If you stalk deer then you really should own this book. The recipes are again easy to make, delivering hearty and healthy meals which you can share with your friends.

Available from Amazon again for £30 - The Merchant of Venison (affiliate link)

The River Cottage Meat Book by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

River Cottage Meat

Whilst not specifically a game cook book, this mammoth encyclopaedia gets straight to the point of humans eating meat. The introduction is followed directly by Hugh's Meat Manifesto. I'd like to think everyone who hunts and kills their own meat, already abide by this but its great to see it in a cookbook as it isn't hiding from the reality of where your meat comes from. This book is jammed with useful info and hundreds of recipes-there are 541 pages between the covers! It might be the most expensive book we have covered here but you get your money's worth!

Available from Amazon for £35 - The River Cottage Meat Book (affiliate link)

Talking Game

Talking Game

OK, so this isn't really a cookbook but rather a magazine (although that undersells it a bit). Its a must in any game kitchen though, as its pages are packed with great recipes from some great chefs as well as contributors to the publication. It tackles the issue of people not taking game home with them after a shoot and leaves you with no excuse as the recipes are fantastic. It covers fast game food through to meals you would see in a top notch restaurant. Edition 3 is still available at £20

Available from the Talking Game Website - Talking Game Shop

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