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User Icon     Posted on Apr 23, 2020     by Jim Hook     

Easy Deer Processing Rig - by Jules Gooch

Being more connected with your food and eating fresh natural wild meat is something that we can all enjoy, however processing your deer at home can seem a bit daunting if like me you are new to stalking. The obvious route is to give it to your local butcher to deal with and for a fee he will provide you with packaged meat, just as you would get at the supermarket. But in a way I think that might lose a bit of that connection from field to fork by not seeing the whole process through. Even with a small deer trying to skin it on the kitchen table can be a bit of drama especially if you are still relatively new at it. The old saying goes "A Job is always easier with the right tools" - but not many of us have a chiller with hanger and butcher shop at home, however with a bit of ingenuity and imagination its surprising what you can do.

One solution is galvanised steel scaffolding poles. They are a bit like big Meccano, easy to get delivered from the internet, easy to put together and simple to clean and disinfect. They also make a handy and cheap rig to hang your deer from. All you need is a few lengths of pole, some connectors and a HW8Hex socket to tighten them up. Don't forget your game hooks which you can attach to the cross member.

Links to suppliers: for the winch the scaffolding - but any company will do

  • Winch
  • Winch 2
  • Top connectors
  • Feet
  • Connector

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