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This website has a number of different sections that provide information on all manner of equipment, skills, and activities related to game pursuits. We will continue to add videos including more Infozone films and articles where we will hope to provide useful information on how to go about being part of the field to fork movement. This section is designed to just give you a brief insight on some of the kit and equipment you may need, or consider investing in, to assist you in your pursuit and cooking of wild game.

The thing to remember about kit is that there is far more of it than you need and, by and large, you get what you pay for. I’ve long since learned the lesson that if you buy cheap you often end up buying twice. That’s not to say there isn’t a huge number of cost-effective products out there, and yes sometimes you do occasionally get a great deal. Equally however, there is an awful lot of overpriced hardware on the market waiting for someone thinking that if they pay a high price, they are going to get great kit! It can be a bit of a minefield. Here at Fayre Game Pursuits we don’t get paid to market anyone’s product. As a result, we believe our reviews are honest and objective. Just because one of us may not personally like a product doesn’t mean it isn’t good for what its designed for. Remaining unbiased and objective are drivers for how we report on anything, be it a product, service or event.

The (good) problem with game pursuits is that there are so many. Once you get into one, you invariably get drawn into another. Each has evolved an inventory of necessary items you need to buy in order to carry out that activity which results in an ever-increasing outlay of your hard-earned cash! Therefore, you have to be selective. Once purchased remember to look after it. Easier said than done but the last thing you need is for a catastrophic failure of something when you are out in a field with no way to replace or repair the faulty item. Your day then becomes much harder or worse still, comes to an abrupt end.

Key products

We aren’t breaking down the different pursuits here but rather just identifying some of the more well-known products that you may need, or want, at some point. This list is by no means exhaustive but should give you a taster! Other articles on the website regarding the specifics of each pursuit will go into much more detail.

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