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P & S Butchers

Our Fresh Poultry ranges from 21/2lb Chickens up to 6-7Lb all year round, We also stock the famous Gressingham Ducks and Fillets, and a growing seller for us Guinea Fowl and Guinea Fowl Supremes, these are sold in pairs. A large segment of our business is the game season, and we buy our game from local estates including Wild Fowl from the North Norfolk Coast.

We also sell a wide range of locally sourced Venison which which gives you the chance to experience the various flavours from the different breeds.

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Opening Hours

  • Monday
    0700 - 1700
  • Tuesday
    0700 - 1700
  • Wednesday
    0700 - 1700
  • Thursday
    0700 - 1700
  • Friday
    0700 - 1700
  • Saturday
    0700 - 1700

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