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Who are we?

Fayre Game Pursuits is a community of people looking to source and benefit from wild game food. Founded by Jim Hook and Nick Solomon, it aims to support those people that share our fantastic passion for wildlife and introduce others that are keen to benefit from its organic provenance. Whilst we would love everyone to know the feeling we get from pursuing our quarry, dispatching it cleanly and then turning it into deliciously healthy food shared with friends, we accept there are parts of the cycle that others would prefer to miss out - and we are fine with that.

Sharing a life-long love of the outdoors, we want to use our expertise and passion for field sports to establish strong and robust communication channels throughout our community, to help bring people together that share a love of hunting, shooting and fishing. Check out our podcasts to learn more about each of us.

Who what when

What do we want to achieve?

Our mission is to provide a platform to help educate people, both hunters and non-hunters, on the sustainable use of wildlife through ethical and responsible hunting for the benefit of wildlife, wild places and people.

Hunting is not centred on the act of dispatching an animal but instead on the understanding of the quarry, protecting the environment through management and the consumption of the high-quality, sustainable food. Fayre Game Pursuits is here to help hunters achieve this aim through the provision of educational resources and independent product advice. We always campaign for the well-being of all animals and encourage those who hunt and fish to take only what they know will enter the food chain and to do so using humane methods.

Where we operate?

We live in a digital online world – one that never sleeps. We are accessible to all through this website, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms. We hope our infozone, films and podcasts provide both enjoyment and useful knowledge to help you benefit and achieve more in our shared field pursuits.

Why do we need
to do this?

We live in an era where we can accept that the hunting ‘gene’ isn’t in all of us but that doesn’t mean we can’t all share the love of good food and a commitment to protect our wildlife for future generations to enjoy and benefit from. What a sad world it would be if those who profess to champion the protection of our beautiful wildlife were to have their way as it would surely mean the passing into history of many of our species. Hunting and fishing promotes bio-diversity and population growth of all species.

When did we start?

It’s 2019, and there’s change in the air. It’s palpable. As reported in The Telegraph the popularity of game and organic food in supermarkets, independent retailers and restaurants is on the rise. The benefits of ethically sourced food that comes straight from nature, the way it was intended, instead of from intensive farming practices, seems to have been realised by the wider public. For hunters and fishermen, the benefits of game sourced directly from the wild is nothing new. We’ve long since known how much healthier and tastier food harvested by our own hand and skill really is – it’s time for all of us to spread that message wider.

How do we do it?

Positivity and inclusiveness are the only real means to win people over and break down the barriers that divide them. We focus on the positives rather than the negatives. We don’t however, shy away from healthy debate, but prefer to levy any criticism equally to those who deserve it; whether they are pro or anti field pursuits. We are pro-active in conservation, both at home and abroad, and grasp opportunities to educate people of the benefits of a sustainable, ethical, mutually beneficial human and animal coexistence.

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